Tanjalo and DusuPay teaming up to lead Africa’s crypto-age

By February 26, 2018Success Stories

In a continued bid to ensure that Africa’s transactions grow from strength and strength, promoting convenience and speedy delivery when sending money ; DusuPay has established another partnership with one of Africa’s biggest cryptocurrency trading platforms. Africa has always had an eye for the cryptocurrency market but the issue has always beenHow to conveniently buy cryptocurrencies

Over the years, card payments have been tested with Africa but have failed to lure the people into accepting them as the best way to make payments especially since banks aren’t as popular in Africa themselves – this saw many rigid thinking businesses to suffer.

Tanjalo, a Nigerian based cryptocurrency trading platform, has worked immensely well to serve buyers and sellers of the Crypto-age in Nigeria. Choosing to expand its wings further by moving its services beyond Nigeria to the rest of Africa. The trick was that Tanjalo knew how to handle Nigeria’s banks and card systems but this was not how the rest of Africa chose to move money.

The rest of Africa is all for using mobile wallets which pushed Tanjalo to tailor their services to suit the demand in place. This was all to draw people towards the service because of the convenience they would get when buying and selling cryptocurrency through their mobile money.

How Tanjalo got the rest of Africa to trade cryptocurrencies using mobile wallets

Tanjalo partnered with DusuPay to connect clients that use mobile money with Tanjalo as easy as possible. The integration with DusuPay ensured that clients in Africa could now easily buy cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin using means they are accustomed to.

The volumes of transaction have doubled significantly as more and more people on the continent buy cryptocurrencies and transfer funds for the digital market.

With DusuPay, clients can buy cryptocurrencies (bitcoin) and liquidate funds directly to there mobile money wallets and bank accounts in Africa courtesy of the partnership Tanjalo has with DusuPay.