ecoPayz tells its story – partnering with DusuPay to connect Africa to the rest of the World

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ecoPayz are proud to announce that we have partnered up with DusuPay, an online payment platform that businesses and customers can now use to accept and make payments in Africa.

As Africa continues to grow from a cash to cashless society, we wanted to introduce a secure payment solution for our African customers so they can easily and securely send money and make payments through their existing ecoAccount.


Regional Contrast

Despite having 1.2 billion people living across 54 countries, the payment landscape in Africa is still very divided in terms of needs and functionality. For example, the payments landscape in Nigeria is largely cash-based which makes sending money from Nigeria to another region a challenge.

In comparison a country like South Africa, who we first introduced our service to a few years ago, is more developed meaning users in South Africa are more likely to send money or pay via a bank transfer or debit/credit card.

One thing that still prevails in Africa is mobile money. McKinsey estimates that there are at least 100 million active mobile money users in Africa dealing with transactions that are worth at least $2.1 billion.


This is why ecoPayz has partnered up with DusuPay, allowing our African ecoAccount holders to top-up their ecoAccount using various deposit options and therefore providing them with the ability to send money or pay for goods locally or internationally.

What Countries Are Eligible?

This service is available for residents in Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon, Rwanda, Tanzania and Ghana.


Country Customer Fee
1.00 EUR
South Africa
3% of deposit amount
4% of deposit amount
Tanzania 2% of deposit amount + 0.50 EUR


These fees are valid at the time of publishing this blog article. For the up-to-date fees, please log in to your ecoAccount.

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